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Life Experience and Transfer of Credits

Dardah  grants life experience credits for professional and ministerial experience, and transfer of credit hours for studies taken in other colleges and learning institutions.

When the student submits all the necessary documentation, there is a evaluation fee to be paid, an evaluation will be done and the student will receive the results in writing.

Please submit valid documentation of your life experience, together with the following information, if applicable:

Resume of professional and ministerial experience
Official transcripts from other learning institutions (religious and secular)
Certificates, Diplomas, Awards
Books, Articles written by you
Missionary trips
Description of pastoral and leadership ministry
Life Experience And Evaluation Fees
Evaluation application: $ Applicable rates
Life experience credits: $ Applicable rates


It is very important that you submit all the documentation for evaluation with the $100.00 fee, before initiating your classes (unless you already have a college degree). This information will allow us to calculate which level of study you will be eligible to enroll in.

We cannot accept incomplete documents. Please submit all your documentation at the same time. It is necessary that all transcripts from other learning institutions be official transcripts. We cannot accept copies.